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Pride of Place in Lydney

Coming together to take pride of place in Lydney was the aim of an event hosted by Barnwood Trust and Lydney Hub last month.

The focus of the event was to challenge negative opinions about the town and change its perception. They wanted to provide a welcoming space for residents old and new, to share their stories about growing up, living and working in Lydney as well as learning more about the aim of Lydney Hub and how they were campaigning for changes in the town.

Barnwood Trust was set up over 200 years ago to support people with mental health problems living in Gloucestershire. Today, they help thousands of people every year, but what really sets them apart is their focus on building belonging across the county – recognising the contribution everyone makes to Gloucestershire.

Penny Hulbert of the Barnwood Trust said: “The ‘We Grew Up in Lydney’ evening at the Town Hall was really well attended. It was a great start to a series of fun events aimed at collecting memories and pictures - remembering the joy of growing up and living in Lydney.”

Lydney Hub was keen to join forces, with Emily saying “When Penny approached us about collaborating on an event to celebrate Lydney we jumped at the chance. We are passionate about tackling the negative reputation Lydney currently has and believe the way to do it is with positive action. We are here to champion all the good Lydney has to offer, the residents, the businesses and the opportunity to attract tourists. We also want to inspire others to help us make a change and we believe curating and sharing untold stories is a great way to do that.”

Penny added “The idea is for local people to bring along a story to tell about the town, or maybe old photos of clubs or family and friends doing things together - to help us all remember and share the great things about our town. Sessions are open to everyone who lives in Lydney, old and new residents, young and old, all to join in the fun. Maybe you’re a budding photographer or journalist, have a gift for putting together exhibitions or maybe you make fine cakes or simply enjoy making cups of tea for people. Join us for our monthly get-togethers to build up our bank of stories.”

The next session is going to be held at in Watney Hall at 3 Hill Street on Wednesday 13th March and will be a celebration of inspiring females that have made a difference to the town in honour of International Women’s Day.


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