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Lydney Hub was founded in 2017 by residents, united in a common effort to provide better facilities
and opportunities for local people following the report of further housing developments being given
the go ahead in Lydney.

Around that time a documentary called ‘Generation Screwed’ aired on BBC Three featuring a young
man from Lydney who highlighted an issue in the town with disengaged youth. The community
group realised that since the closure of the youth café due to lack of funding in 2015, there had been
no other non-sport related activities or events for young people and so particular emphasis was
placed on creating non-sport, creative activities to generate a sense of community and belonging.
Volunteers from the group rallied to rebrand the existing ping pong club that had been set up at
Lydney Community Centre to the ‘much needed’ Lydney Youth Hub in February 2019, which over a
year has gone from just 4 members to an average of 48 young people in attendance each week. But
their home at Lydney Community Centre was only meant to be temporary as the Young People
looked for a space that they could call their own.

Lydney Hub successfully secured a building laste 2019 from which they could run a dedicated youth
centre and have been working on developing a plan to make the space sustainable, to avoid having
to depend fully on charitable donations in the future.

Eager to support the community groups efforts, Lydney Town Council earmarked funds for youth
provision in 2019 which it would release to the group on the satisfactory completion of several
conditions, which the group finalised in February 2020.


The renovations will be inclusive of input from the young people and will be steered by Lydney
Youth Hub to ensure its co-designed and meets the needs and expectations of those using it.

The building will be multifunctional with workshop and art space, available to use by other
community groups, charities and business. Lydney Hub are also currently exploring the possibility of
hotdesking for those who are self-employed in the area and would like to work in a community

Lydney Youth Hub currently runs a Junior (school years 6 + 7) and Senior session (school years 8 - 13) on Wednesday evenings in HiPs Social. 


Juniors  17:00-18:30

Seniors 18:30-20:00

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